What are seed bombs?

Seed bombs are an easy way to grow seeds. Comprising of just Seeds, Clay and Compost.

This allows seeds to grow with the protection of clay and the nutrient and water holding capacity of compost.

The seeds clay and compost are mixed together and rolled into a product that kids love. Just throw them around the garden and grow flowers.

Where do I plant my seed bombs?

Moist, sunny spot, protected from the wind in a pot filled with potting mix or directly in the ground.

What will my seed bombs grow?

The seed bombs will grow beneficial insect attracting plants such as marigolds, cosmos, coriander and radish. 

Bees love these flowers as much as we do!

How often do I water them?

Like all plants, a regular drink of water is essential for healthy growth. Keep them well watered and they will provide you and the family with flowers.

What do I do with the tin once opened?

The reusable seed tin is designed so that once your seed bombs have grown into flowers and the bees have pollinated them you can collect the seeds and sow them when you're ready.

Are the flowers edible?

Yes, however with all edible things, please exercise your own caution.