The Street Garden Project

'Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth'.

  ---- We are partnering with local businesses, homes and Government to protect it.



Biodiversity is vital to the health of the earth and essential to our wellbeing - we are all connected, after all.

Prices start from $350 and include supply and install of our garden bed on wheels, soil and plants to your local business, home or school. 

Want a more custom solution (at home or in the office) including larger plants that can have a greater impact ? Our specialist consultants can create a custom biodiversity garden to suit your needs. Every business is different and so to our gardens.

Join the movement by investing in a Bio-Barrel and help build a more beautiful, greener, connected community.

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The Growing Trend is building awareness to this powerful connection by working with businesses and home gardeners to set up and grow unique street biodiversity gardens around Sydney. Our beautiful and functional "Bio-Barrels" are bought and displayed by small businesses and local legends as a mark of their commitment to creating a more sustainable community. They also happily encourage interaction between people and plants (and brighten up the neighbourhood!). 

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