Why seed bombs are the future of gardening

Seed Bombs are the ultimate way to grow your organic garden.

Seed Bombs are natures little wonder. They comprise just Clay, Compost and

Seeds rolled into a beautiful little ball.

Seed bombs allow seeds to germinate without the completion of pesky birds, ants any other seed loving animals. (I don’t know how many times I ’v planted sunflowers only to find Magpies eating my seeds!)

In Australia Ants control the soil, making vast networks of underground tunnels. Much like worms but definitely not as fun. Think ants in your pants!

Seed bombs are so simple.

Clay protects the seed as well as retaining moisture and nutrients for the little seedlings to grow.

Compost gives them a head start as it provides the roots with a wide range of macro and micronutrients. It also allows good root development for long-term growth 
And the seeds rolled into the Seed bomb are important as they can be strategically placed to plan for a new garden or any large planting. 

Tree seeds are perfect in a seed bomb as they can lay dormant waiting for the perfect time to grow. After the rain of course!

We roll bee mix into our seed bombs which contains flowering annuals that bees absolutely love. It is important to have beneficial insect attracting plants in an organic garden as these plants attract good insects such as bees that provide a natural barrier against pest and diseases.

Of course, you can roll anything into yours.

The sky’s the limit. 



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